KURZ at CES 2023
5. – 8.1.2023
West Hall, Booth 4367


KURZ at CES 2023
KURZ at CES 20235. – 8.1.2023
West Hall, Booth 4367
00 Welcome

Mission Infinity

LEONHARD KURZ’s inspiration for plastic surfaces is as fascinating and infinite as space. Sustainability is just as important as product protection with our digital solutions. Join us on Mission Infinity to create a universe of unique solutions.

01 Automotive

Infinite Mobility

What does the mobility of tomorrow look like? Innovative and recyclable material combinations, exterior designs, and backlighting concepts, as well as spectacular structures for 3D lighting effects are ushering in a new automotive era. Follow us into the future of mobility!

Rear End Cover 2.0

02 Visionary Design

Infinite Creativity

Can you imagine wood in space? Throw all your ideas overboard and think again! At CES, we will be presenting jaw-dropping solutions by our Visionary Designers from all over the world. And we'll also be demonstrating how our Visionary Designs can be registered as NFTs on blockchain.


03 Consumer Electronics

Infinite Designs

It’s high time for a design revolution! Antiviral surfaces, backlighting, Shy Tech designs, haptic structures, 5G-capable metallizations, and sustainable materials all help to develop futuristic creations. Visit us in our Consumer Electronics space!


04 Sustainabilty

Infinite Wellbeing

Sustainability as a design concept? Yes, please! Flowing organic shapes with a surprising feel have emerged from recycled material. Learn more about how we combine Visionary Design and sustainability.



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KURZ@CES2023, 5. – 8.1.2023, West Hall

Booth 4367

Las Vegas Convention Center

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