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360° Lifecycle Thinking

Make sustainability your competitive advantage! We continuously develop our solutions and processes to minimize the use of natural resources. We make our decorations as efficient as possible reducing our customers’ carbon footprint.

Quality meets responsibility

Quality and responsibility come hand in hand. As a global player, we take our social responsibility very seriously. Future-proof manufacturing processes, optimized supply chains, increasing use of renewable raw materials, and much more - see for yourself what the conscious use of our resources means for KURZ.


renewable raw materials are currently used in KURZ decorations, with their share constantly growing


reduction in our customers’ carbon footprint through elimination of chromium metallization.


reduced carbon footprint for our customers with In-Mold Decoration


of exhaust bi-products from the production process is directly reclaimed and processed as heat in the production of new components


local: With more than 30 production sites in the USA, Asia, and Europe, we are close to our customers and ensure short transport routes

Design for

With these designs, we have developed a special decoration that showcases the use of recycled material making your sustainable actions visible. The decoration is recyclable and works on recycled or virgin materials. 

You rely on recycled materials, products that are recyclable, and you can rely on KURZ!


For us, this means recyclable product designs and processes without compromising on quality and design.  Bringing sustainability and decoration together for a truly holistic lifecycle approach.

Superior Quality

Consistent quality standards across all KURZ sites that exceed regulatory standards – We do it because it’s right!

Close to you

We produce in the USA, China, and Germany. For you this means short transport routes, optimized supply chains, and a reduced CO2 footprint

Circular Economy

We take back our customers’ PET film carrier material and use this to make our own RECOPOUND® recycled material that can be re-used in the injection molding industry. The benefit for the downstream customer: Resin and decoration come from a single source

Sustainability Competence

Our goal: Recyclable decorations and the use of renewable raw materials and recycled materials, long-lasting components, efficient processes, careful use of resources, improved ecological balance

Be a green leader

Our sustainability expertise is your competitive advantage

with indium

Indium-based metallization is THE environmentally friendly alternative to electroplating. Incredible design effects guaranteed - also suitable for recycled materials and easily recyclable. Another sustainable design alternative: KURZ indium-based metallization. Find out more!

Nature re-interpreted

Spacewood designs give recycled surfaces an extraordinary wood look. And much more: Backlighting and light design create stunning effects that nature simply can't offer. A new world is emerging!

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